Thursday, September 15, 2011

Preserved Tomatoes

Sister Jerrie Smith taught us to how to preserve tomatoes in jars using a water bath or "hot packing" (so special equipment necessary).

1. Use 4 quarts of tomatoes (18 pounds) for at least 4 jars (sanitize jars in dishwasher or really hot soapy water)
2. Wash and rinse tomatoes (pull out the bad ones).
3. Boil in batches just until skin cracks, and put them in cold water immediately.
4. Skin and core them (don't leave any white pieces).
5. Quarter them.
6. Bring tomatoes to a boil in a pot (chop them more if desired).
7. Fill jars with the tomatoes up till 1.5 inches from the top.
8. Add salt (1 tsp per quart, or 1/2 tsp per pint).
9. Wipe the rims of jars clean (really clean).
10. Heat lids in hot boiling water.
11. Put lids on with rings on top (tighten by hand).
12. In a pot with a lid, boil water (enough to cover tops of jars).
13. Put jars into boiling water.
14. Boil with lid on for 45 minutes, then remove jars and let them cool.
15. When cooled, touch top of jar lids: If indented=you're done! If not indented=put in fridge and use right away.

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